10 best mobile phones in the world today

By Escort-List World Wide Escorts Directory, 1st October, 2015

What’s the world’s best smartphone? Simply put, there isn’t one. Instead there are a number of excellent mobiles, all of which have their own particular strengths. Our list includes the best phones for key features such as value for money, screen quality, battery life and selfies. We’ve also added some brand new smartphones that are set to hit the shelves in the coming weeks.

1. HTC One M8

What to say about the HTC One M8? They often say the second album is the hardest, but the follow up to the all-conquering HTC One takes the best of that phone and yet still re-invents things enough to make it a massive recommendation over the old model.

We love the speed of the camera, the Duo Camera is smart as a tack, the Boomsound upgrade is impressive and the design... well, you have to hold it.

The Snapdragon 801 processor has boosted battery dramatically compared to the 600 of last year, and that means that photos also process much more quickly as well - even the front-facing camera is much better.

Gaming, movies, photography, browsing all work really well, and in a phone that that's easily going to destroy whatever anyone else can design. LG ran it close with the G3 but ultimately wasn't the best package, and the iPhone 6 still suffers on price and, inexplicably, a lower-res screen.


2. iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 - a real step forward for Apple and a phone that's a real joy to use, hold and feel.

It's got all the same ingredients that make iPhones special: while it doesn't excel in any given part of the smartphone recipe (except perhaps when it comes to the interface, which with iOS 8 is probably the best out there with it's clever mix of intuition and simplicity) it just works.

The camera is lower-res but fast and bright and easy to use. The screen is too low-res compared to the phones around it, but pops and fizzes with colour and brightness.

And that design - we have to keep coming back to it as it feels beautiful in the hand.


3. LG G3

The LG G3 needed to be good, as it was based on the hard work of the G2, which was a strong, well-made phone that didn't cost a huge amount of money.

So what does LG do with the G3? Goes and sticks the world's sharpest display on there (well, there are others now, but it was first).

It's a QHD screen, which means it's got four times the pixels of some phones on this list, and it also comes with a number of other enhancements too - although with those extra pixels packed in, the display is a tiny bit darker than others on the market.

Laser-based auto-focus? Check. Improved design? Check. Overhauled and simplified UI? Double check. It's going to be a little bit too big for some hands, as it's packing in a 5.5-inch screen, so we're verging on phablet territory.

But don't let that take away from a terrific phone, one that has a sleek, refined air about it and adds in fan favourite features like a removable battery and memory card slot, where both were missing on the predecessor.


4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Hello Samsung. Nice to see you back up the list - and with the Note 4, the brand has managed to pack so much into the (well, still large) frame.

The main thing is the screen: Super AMOLED technology combined with QHD resolution means a pin sharp display, and one that we just can't take our eyes off.

The camera is nice, the power is next-gen and the whole thing is backed up by the ever-more-useful S Pen to help you clip and jot all day.


5. iPhone 6 Plus

While not quite as impressive as the smaller version, the first Apple phablet is jam-packed with things to love.

The Plus takes all the best bits of the iPhone 6 - design, beautiful UI, strong camera performance - and improves upon them by packing an even better camera, a Full HD screen and much larger battery.

The drawbacks are few, but pivotal: it's a little harder to hold in one hand thanks to being a little too wide, plus it's a lot more expensive. But with the same internal power, great graphical performance and access to Apple's amazing media / app library, this tablet-phone hybrid is perfect for those that can't decide between the two formats.


6. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Less powerful with a lower-res screen than its bigger brother? How is the Z3 Compact ahead?

Well, it's simple: this thing is all the power (well, mostly) of the larger model, with a smaller body. This means Remote Play for your PS4, a 20.7MP camera, the clear IPS LCD screen... it's got it all and it's much, much nicer to hold.

The price is a lot lower too, so unless you want the brightness of the Full HD screen nearly every other feature is in this smaller phone, meaning it will have less impact on your pocket - both literally and figuratively.


7. Nexus 6

The new Nexus is here: good news, the camera is finally half-decent on a Nexus phone. Bad news, it's no longer a super-cheap superphone, hence it not landing higher up the rankings.

It does have an excellent screen, a very, very beefy Snapdragon 805 chipset to run nearly anything you want and the media capabilities are excellent. And that's without even talking about the fact it will be getting the latest Android upgrades thanks to being Google's flagship handset.

The only downside (and it's not going to be a hindrance to some people) is that it's got a whopping 5.96-inch screen. It's still roughly the same size as the iPhone 6 Plus, and if you prefer a smaller phone, it's based on the same design as the Moto X, thanks to being made by Motorola.


8. Sony Xperia Z3

The Xperia Z3 has arrived a little too soon since the Z2 was launched, with not a huge amount of upgrades - but it's still a very nice phone.

The design is slimmed down and the screen is insanely bright, and you've still got all the lovely Sony gubbins, like Bravia tech in the screen and improved audio output.

The camera, sadly, hasn't been upgraded and still packs some of the inconsistencies we'd hoped would be ironed out by Sony's amazing camera team, and it's still not up the power of the others on the market. That said, with Remote Play now enabled, it's bounced up the rankings slightly.


9. Moto X (2014)

It's a big win for Motorola at the moment, now it's stolen in with two places in our rankings list. It feels like a smaller smartphone, despite packing a 5.2-inch screen, as the front is mostly all bezel.

That screen is one of the standout features here, as it not only has superb Super AMOLED clarity (courtesy of Samsung) but it also has the very clever Motorola Active Display, which lets you wave your hand over the screen to see vital info and then press to preview messages.

It's not got all the bells and whistles of most smartphones - for instance, there's no way to restart the phone and the camera is rather basic - but as a day to day device it's very strong.


10. OnePlus One

You've probably never heard of OnePlus... but if you have, you'll know why this unknown brand is suddenly sitting in our list of best smartphones in the world.

The reason is simple: it's a phone that has all the power, specs and functionality of the top dogs, adds in super-customisable software and does it at nearly half the price. We're talking big savings on cost (£229 for the 16GB version and £269 for the 64GB variant) without much in the way of compromise.

In fact, the only things it's really missing are a microSD slot and removable battery, and those are elements more for the purists than absolutely necessary.

If we're being super picky, it's not got the greatest camera set up and the design is a bit... efficient, but at this price point it really doesn't matter. And given the target audience is those that care about raw power over style, it makes sense that this is where the costs could be saved.

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